Summer Sun.

I love to go out in the sun.  When the sun comes out after a long Maine winter, all I want to do is bask in the rays.  We stop putting on snowsuits and start covering up with sunscreen.  With three kids I go through a lot of sunscreen.  We all know the sun can be damaging to the skin.  But not all sunscreens are that great for you either.  And now Vitamin D deficiency is a concern due to lack of exposure to sun.  This can be all very confusing.

Look no further for all you need to know about protecting your child’s skin.  A friend of mine turned me onto The Environmental Working Group.  They just released a comprehensive 2010 Sunscreen Guide.  I mostly like the list and ratings of all sunscreens.  I mean all sunscreens.  I was surprised that one of the sunscreens that I used all last year got the lowest rating possible. Bummer.  Thankfully the one I am using this year got the top rating.

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