Bamboo Makes Crunchy Comfy

Bamboo Makes Crunchy Comfy

Let’s leave aside the obvious environmental benefits of using bamboo as a textile.  Sure, it’s fabulous that bamboo  is highly sustainable as one of the earth’s fastest growing plants, lacks the dependency on fertilizers, and releases 35% more oxygen into our atmosphere than its timber competition.  Bamboo as a textile has a benefit that hits a little closer to home though. It’s as though Mother Nature had our babies’ butts in mind when she grew this plant, because bamboo naturally resists:

  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • microbes
  • fungi

That’s impressive.  Americans already are starting to understand the benefit this offers for sheets, towels, flooring and socks, but the impact this has on our babies butts is undeniable.  As cloth diapering has become mainstream, bamboo diapers such as Bamboo Baby, have virtually reinvented the wheel.

Now, not only do we have the option to set aside ‘sposies packed with that nasty sodium polyacrylate for cloth, we can go one step further and choose bamboo! Bamboo Baby diapers are my favorite version because they are highly adjustable, adorable, trim, and pretty inexpensive.

Imagine your diapering career without a need for yeast cures, absent of infections, and devoid of rashes. Bamboo diapers offer this reality. They require less maintenance than other cloth versions because of their inability to house germs.  It’s as though these diapers come with a built in immune system so that your baby can work on developing its own naturally without the help of antibacterial creams and yeast medication.

I know hard-core cloth diaperers acclaim hemp for all of these qualities, but in my opinion, bamboo is softer and dries much quicker. In effect, Bamboo Baby kind of takes the “crunch” out of being a crunchy mom. That’s fine with me though, because my daughter’s not keen on sitting in crunchy things anyway.

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  1. Sarah Lapham

    This is wonderful information!! My younger daughter had a horrendous yeast infection before and I would never want to go through that again. Now that I know more about bamboo – I would like to bring some home for my two in diapers!

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