I think this word describes the childbearing year best.  All of the changes we encounter as we first realize we are pregnant, our bodies morph into an incubator, and most importantly we evolve into Motherhood.   The emotions, and hormones, and realizations all seem to be parts of this wonderous maturity that I knew I would not feel complete until I experienced childbirth.  Even after my first birth ended in cesarean, I still had a strong pull to attempt natural delivery.  My body knew it needed to complete the cycle.  I needed to feel it.

I guess it is all part of the biological clock.  The ticking is stronger in some women than in others.  But it is a fragment of what makes us mammals.  The need and desire to pass on a piece of yourself is magical.  There is no question that when a woman reaches that point in labor when she realizes that there is no turning back, this baby is coming out, she reaches a whole new level of understanding.  Clarity.

I think it is mostly fear that deters some women from wanting to be faced with the intensity of bringing forth life.  My personal fear is that the direction of birth in this country has been led astray.   And our understanding of normal birth is lost.  Once women collectively decide that it is time to turn around and start back where we should be heading, than we can truly begin to replace that fear with courage.  The wisdom that your body will be safe and strong.  We are designed to transform and bring forth life.

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