What's in your Bag?

One of the reasons I have been having the pangs to have another baby lately is due to the fact that I get to unpack the boxes at Everything Birth.  Crystal has been busting her bootie putting together the kits for  the Diaper Parties (more on those later).  So, she has been bringing in some of the newest, cutest, and if you ask me, the most practical cloth diapering supplies out there.

Along with all the cute new diapers are the accessories.  I want to touch on the topic of the wet bag.  I am blown away by the wet bag selection.  I only wish I could’ve had these bags when I was knee deep in the whole nappie world.

First and foremost, I have to bring up the reusable pail liner by Planet Wise. Everyone needs one of these.  I would have given my pinky finger in return to not wash out my diaper pail by hand.  Now with one of these amazing pail liners you can just slip it into the wash with the diapers.  WOW!!  Sign me up.

Planet wise also has a hanging wet bag that comes in the most beautiful prints.  No more ugly five gallon pail in the corner.  No way.  This bag makes your dirty diaper containment unit something pleasing on the eyes.  It even has a large zippered pocket on the outside, so you can carry clean and dirty diapers all in one bag.  Great for bringing on vacation.

Now let’s touch on the  tried and true Bummis wet bag.  Bummis still makes their top notch waterproof tote with the drawstring top.  It is available in sizes small all the way up to xx-large.  Even after your diapering needs are all through, these bags will be going off to college with your child.  That is how durable and useful they are.

Bummis now is now offering the Fabulous Wetbag.  It comes in small and medium, and it is in all of the vibrant prints and colors as their Superbrite diaper covers.

Now my question is, Can I really justify having a baby just so I can get all of the cool diapering gear that is available now a days?  I will answer that question now with a no, but I sure am tempted.

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