Magic Little Pill?

After just giving birth, one of the main things on women’s minds is how to lose their pregnancy weight. Some use pregnancy as an opportunity to eat whatever we want, which of course will mean, re-establishing healthier eating patterns. However, for many women, all of the hormonal changes end up affecting our thyroids. After pregnancy, most women are left with a slightly sluggish thyroid that just needs the proper nutrients to get healthy again.

If you’ve just given birth you may notice a craving for table salt.  What our bodies are craving though is iodine. Unfortunately the iodine that is in table salt is not naturally occurring. Our bodies are not machines, they are very delicate. Naturally occurring iodine is “fused” also with bromine. Our body needs bromine to successfully use iodine, which is the primary nutrient requested by a sluggish thyroid.

Iodine and bromine is naturally occurring in sea kelp. Sea kelp is a vegetable from the ocean. There are lots of ways to harvest and process it and not all are created equal. You could go buy fresh sea kelp from a place like Whole Foods and then eat it every day in your soups and stews. I don’t much like the texture though.

You could also go and buy some sea kelp from your local vitamin store, but those are over processed and much of the nutritional value gets lost. I’ve take the off brands with very little success. While I was working at my natural living store, I came across another brand of sea kelp that people in my co-op raved about.  The brand that I tried was called A. Vogel Thyroid Support Tabs. I know it sounds like an overbearing name. You would think it has some kind of medicine in it. It seems like it is full of hormones and such.  A quick look at the label though will demonstrate that it really is just sea kelp processed into a pill form.

All this does is give your thyroid the nutrients it needs to get healthy again. It’s not a medicine or a drug. It works right away if your problem is a slightly (or severely) sluggish thyroid from a nutritional deficiency. The afternoon exhaustion leaves the first day. By the evening, you can’t believe that 8:30 doesn’t feel like it should be your bedtime anymore. You are less winded.  You suddenly have a skip to your step.

This is not a diet pill. It’s not unhealthy. It’s the opposite of unhealthy. This is making sure you get the vegetables you need.

For me and the women I suggested this to at my old store, it was obvious that it was working. We began losing weight the first week. I steadily lost 2-3 pounds every single week until I succeeded in losing over fifty. I didn’t alter my diet in any way.  The great thing is, if you start with one tab, three times a day and you don’t need that much, you will pee out the excess.  If you notice that your pee is the color of iodine, you just cut back one tablet.

At first, I started because I wanted to lose weight, weight that had been on me for five years from the carrying of my son. There were so many other benefits to having a healthy thyroid that I hadn’t even thought about.  Now I feel like a whole new person. More like I was as a teenager.  This is most likely because birth control also degrades your thyroid functioning.

A few times, women I’ve suggested it to have said it didn’t work for them. It seemed strange considering just how many people it did help. I looked them in the eye and said, “You know, they only work if you take them, not if they sit on your counter.” Each one of them broke an admitting smile. This really could be that magic little pill you’re looking for. It was for me.


  1. Marcia

    This is really good info! I had never heard of a supplement to aide in the health of my thyroid. I have family history of thyroid disease and in preparation of my second pregnancy, I will be sure to have these on hand! I cannot imagine it would, but would sea-kelp have an effect on breast milk, perhaps taste?

  2. Dawn Papple

    No. If you take three a day, it is exactly the RDA by the FDA. It would be similar to iodine in other prenatals except that it’s actually able to be used by your body because it’s natural as opposed to chemically processed and it’s paired with bromine which is the only way we can use iodine.

  3. Jenifer

    I bought these and have been taking them about twice a day and I have a definite increase in energy. I am taking 3 a day and can’t wait to see my weightloss results, thanks for all your help Dawn.

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