It’s time for some really girly girl talk.  The kind any husband’s lurking over their spouse’s shoulders may want to stop reading right about… now.

For my period, I prefer to use a tampon alternative like The Keeper. I like to feel dry. I cut off the little end tab because I still have some scar tissue left over from my labor and I don’t like it to rub against it. The Keeper is fabulous to use instead of tampons.

However, there’s a different kind of bleeding that The Keeper can’t protect you against: Postpartum.

Now, regardless of if you’ve ventured away from “the darkside” of bleeding and embraced tampon alternatives like The Keeper or not, if you’re pregnant or just had a baby, you are going to want to get some Glad Rags.  Ignore the name, it’s always bugged me, because these are anything but rags. They are very tailored, feminine protection pads. You may think, “Naw, it’s just a few weeks, I’ll just pick up some Always or something.”

Think again.

The financial investment is almost nothing compared to a bunch of disposable pads. You can wash them with your diapers. And they will save your bottom… literally.

Glad Rags offer something that regular disposable maxi pads cannot. They offer you actual comfort at a time when your vagina is hurting more than it ever has before. Think about it, if you’re a tampon girl or a Keeper girl, you’ve already made the decision some years ago that you do not like that wet, plastic feeling against your girly parts, right? What makes you think that you’ll suddenly be fine with it during what will prove to be one of the most exhausting and emotional times of your life and when your girly parts are already bruised and sore?

Glad Rags are cloth. They are soft. They will be healthier for skin that already has to work hard to heal. Placing sodium polyactrylate (those gel balls that absorb all the blue wetness in the commercials) and plastic “dry weave” against a sore, bruised (and perhaps torn) vagina is no way to speed up your recovery.

Think about it. Then, go buy some Glad Rags.

And husbands, if you’re still lurking over that shoulder waiting for your pregnant wife to come to bed, I’m confident that she’d be forever grateful if you surprised her with these on delivery day! Just a thought…. (One or two starter kits should work out just fine.)


  1. Zinnia D

    Wow… Too bad I didn’t know about the rags when I was in need…. Unfortunately there a lot of us women… (Including me) That literally have been looking for an alternative and just didn’t know that it was out there… I completely agree about the gel balls, and possibility of them possibly lengthening the recovery time… Thank you so much for your insight…

  2. Bree

    After 3 kids in 3 years I feel like I spent almost as much time with postpartum bleeding as I did being pregnant! I’ll definitely keep these in mind if I have another baby…sounds way better then pads! Thanks for the info!

  3. Grace

    I wish I had known about these when I was delivering my kids. I HATED wearing the pads that were necessary. They always rubbed me right on the stiches I got each time from tearing. By baby #3 it was almost enough to bring tears to my eyes. I used cloth diapers so this wouldn’t have been difficult to incorporate into our routine.

    I would recommend this as a great alternative to new moms!!

  4. lyn b

    This sounds great. I will remeber this for the next time. You should go to the hospitals and let them know about this stuff, or maybe to some lamaz/ midwife groups. Thanks again D!

  5. Karen

    I just had a baby 5 weeks ago and SO wish I would of known about these. I tore badly and had a lot of stitches. I hated the way the pad seemed to rub me raw. I sometimes laid in bed on a towel because I dreaded putting the pad back on. Thanks, for always letting me know about better alternatives.

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