Cloth for Doggies!

I had a local woman call today to see if she could come by to look at my cloth diapers.  Of course!  I love that I can open the business space for women to come and see what i have.  It means informed choices for the buyers, and satisfied customers for me!  Always a great combination.

What was unusual about this case was that this woman wasn’t buying diapers for her child, she was looking for a reusable alternative for the foster dog she was housing that was in heat.  “I don’t want to buy a bunch of disposable diapers that I have to throw away!”  I love it- even with our pets we can be environmentally conscious- what a blessing she was to me today.

We pulled out a measuring tape (the ones that midwives use to measure a baby when they are born) to see how big Shirley’s girth was.  Sizing diapers for a dog are definitely different than sizing for a baby.  We tried a couple sizes before realizing that the Youth Sized Bumkins(with a hole aptly cut out for the tail) was the perfect fit.

Amy was thrilled to not have to buy disposables, I was thrilled to help another on the road to cloth, and Shirley was probably thrilled to get home and not be relegated to the kennel!

I only wish i had a picture.



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