New Mom Must Have: Dunstan Baby Language

It may seem unnecessary to be able to decipher the cries or your baby. There’s only a few things it could be, right? I’ll admit, that was my logic until a friend dropped off a copy of the Dunstan Baby Language DVD and told me to take a look at it.

The video is crucial for parents interested in fostering communication and trust with their newborns. It shows numerous variations of the same baby cries (communicating hunger, sleepiness, gas, wetness, and the need to be burped) that will undoubtedly allow you to recognize exactly what your baby needs the moment she starts communicating her need to you.

For example, when Ayla was a newborn, I often thought she needed to be burped. I “sensed” it somehow. (Surely I was picking up on an instinctive awareness of baby language.)  So I would try to burp her for a few moments. As her cries persisted, I eventually tried something new, like feeding her or changing her.

After watching this DVD, I knew with absolute certainty what each cry meant. So, when I heard my daughter communicate the need to be burped, I acquiesced and I didn’t stop, until I got that burp out. There was no doubt as to what she was saying. There was no second guessing myself.


  1. Angie Johnston

    That’s amazing – I’ll go check it out now, because my sister-in-law is due in just a few days and we’d love to give her a unique, thoughtful gift (and this would be far more useful than adding to the heap of baby clothes we’ve already contributed to). Thanks for the great idea!

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