Communicating Before Birth Through Dream


“When I come, name me Ayla,” the little girl’s voice said to me with urgency in the foggy state that occurs as the alarm clock disrupts our dreams. That was in the spring of 2007, just a few months before my husband came back into my life. I had no plans of having any more children then, and yet, the message was profound enough for me to mention it in my journal and to two best friends “just in case.” I never mentioned it to him though.

One day after I told my husband I was unexpectedly pregnant with his child, we watched a movie he had just bought without my involvement. It was a movie based off of the first book of Jean Auel’s “Earth’s Children” series. It was entitled Clan of the Cave Bear and the main character’s name was Ayla, but I still said nothing to him of my dream.

I sat in a silent surrealism until, when the movie ended he said, “So, if the baby is a girl, we should name her Ayla.”

I believe that if we are open enough to listen, our children will help us choose their names. In telling my daughter’s story to others, I’ve found many people have had similar encounters.

Have any readers experienced a similar situation? Have you felt as though your children communicated with you before they were born?



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