Breastfeeding tip: Train Your Boobs Not to Leak

When my son was born, an awesome lactation consultant gave me some advice on how to train my boobs not to leak. I didn’t realize at the time how precious the information was. As months went on and women would comment on how brave I was not to be wearing nursing pads, I was continuously perplexed.

Was I privy to some huge breastfeeding secret?


Indeed, it seemed I was. Thanks to my lactation consultant, I only had to wear nursing pads for the first two weeks while breastfeeding my son and daughter. I had planned ahead though and bought some very comfy cloth nursing pads so those first two weeks with leaks weren’t too annoying.  I’ve since felt the disposable papery ones and I’m very thankful I’ve never had to wear them. After that two weeks was over, here’s the benefits I enjoyed that most nursing moms do not:

  • My breast have never leaked in public
  • I did not have to wear a bra to bed
  • I did not wake up leaking from my boobs
  • When one boob would let down to feed my child, the other one did not

Stop Your Boobs From Leaking

It doesn’t take long to gain control of the let down mechanism. It’s a two part system though and it’s remarkably simple for how much aggravation it saves.

  1. When you are nursing your baby, take your forearm on the same side of the boob that is not in use and press firmly for about thirty seconds. You will start to feel the let down tingle diminish. At that point, you can release pressure.
  2. When you are going through your day and your baby cries for food and you start to feel the letdown tingle, press firmly against both boobs (as though giving yourself a hug) with your forearms until the tingle diminishes.


The first week, it will take about thirty seconds each time and you will still need to wear nursing pads, and I HIGHLY suggest cloth, washable ones for the environment and your own comfort. The second week, it will take about ten seconds of pressure and slowly take lest time.  Before you know it, and for the rest of the duration of your breastfeeding career with that child, you will merely have to tap on your nipple with your forearm for about a half a second in those rare instances when you feel unwanted letdown.

It’s that simple.  You will want to profess enormous gratitude to me later, but just pay it forward. It shouldn’t be such a well guarded secret.



  1. Shannon Lawson

    This advice is absolutely priceless and works wonders for breastfeeding mothers! I was privy to this wonderful “secret” and I pass it on to every potential nursing mother I meet!
    Wonderful information to share Dawn.

  2. Jill Daugherty

    I wish I’d known this with my 3 babies. With each baby the leaks were less frequent, however, they still “showed up” at the most inopportune times. Know what I mean? I’ll keep this in mind for baby #4!

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