Award Winning:Bummis Cloth Diapering Kit.

Did you know that the Bummis Cloth Diapering Kit is Award winning? gave it the Mom Approved Child Tested Excellence Award.

Being a Bummis mom myself, I can tell you that the prefold diaper with Bummis Super Wrap worked really well.  When I had to choose a diapering path I chose Bummis because it was economical and the Super Whisper Wrap does a great job keeping everything in.  The only blowouts my kids had were when we traveled and we were using sposies.    I had twins, and I really could not afford to go down the path of the All In One (AIO).  And the pocket diaper just seemed cumbersome for having to do everything twice.  Although now that I am working with all of these diapers, if I had another baby, I think I would have to test out a few varieties just to see what would fit for my lifestyle now.  I am a much more relaxed parent with three kids.

The Bummis kit has it all.  Besides the gorgeous organic cotton diapers, included in the box are some sturdy and great looking waterproof covers, flushable AND reusable liners, and our FABULOUS WET BAG (doubles as a diaper pail!).  If you want a diaper kit that is the highest quality than look no further.

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