One Cloth Diaper a Day Club

Take the One Cloth Diaper a Day Challenge!

It has been said in the United States, approximately 18 million dirty diapers are deposited into landfills every year, contributing up to 3.5 billion pounds of waste (yuck, that’s a lot of poop!).  Not only do disposable diapers take an eternity to break down (scientists estimate it can take several hundred years), but as the poop inside each diaper breaks down, this creates another concern for our groundwater, lakes and streams.

Still, we also understand that cloth diapering may seem like a huge commitment.  Are you interested in making a difference to the environment but do not want to commit to cloth diapering on a full-time basis?   The good news is that by using even one cloth diaper per day instead of a disposable, you can actually make more of an impact than you think!  Believe it or not, switching to just one cloth diaper a day can prevent 200 pounds of trash from going into a landfill.  It can also save you money…up to $200 per child!

If using one cloth diaper is a breeze, you might even want to try switching to two cloth diapers a day, which can prevent 400 pounds of trash from entering a landfill and can save you up to $400 per child!   Three cloth diapers would prevent 600 pounds….etc…etc….!

The bottom line? (sorry, I couldn’t resist.  Join our 1 Cloth Diaper a Day Club and then decide what works for you.  Every little bit counts and can make a big difference to our planet.

Bottoms up!


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