Actress Constance Marie Chooses Cloth!

Actress and People Magazine Guest Celebrity Baby Blogger, Constance Marie, discusses the choice she made to cloth diaper her own daughter, Luna Marie, now 18 months old.  Best known for her role on the George Lopez show, Constance blogged on that she grew concerned over the possible health risks of disposable diapers.  As a result, she vowed to try cloth…right from the time of her daughter’s birth!  When the cloth diapers she brought to the hospital proved to be too small for her newborn, Constance resorted to using disposables on a temporary basis.  After diaper rash ensued (oh no!), Constance discovered that she had 3 sets of  Happy Heiny’s Pocket Diapers on hand from her baby shower.  Fifteen sets later, Constance (and her baby) are happy they made the switch.  No more diaper rash and easier on the wallet!  As Constance says on her blog, “The average cost of disposables for just two years is $2000! Cha-ching! If everyone would at least try to use cloth or even just use them 25-50 percent of the time, your baby’s bottom would be chemical free, have fewer rashes and there will be less possible side effects in the future to worry about. The landfills that your baby will inherit would be less full.”

Well said, Constance, this is right in line with Diaper Parties’ One-Cloth-Diaper-a-Day-Club!

Constance Marie’s daughter, Luna modeling a Happy Heiny’s Pocket Diaper (Photo courtesy of Constance Marie)

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