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Diaper Parties Rep Katherine:

katherineI live right outside historic Charleston, SC with my husband Corey and our 1 year old little man, Fletcher.  We have been cloth diapering Fletcher since he was born in June 2009.  At first our decision to use cloth was an economical one but as I researched more I found all the many benefits of cloth diapers.

I found the modern cloth diaper to be nothing like I was imagining.  Gone are the days of poking pins and plastic pants.  The modern cloth diaper is soft, absorbent and just as convenient as disposables but are safer for your baby as well as easier on your wallet AND the evironment!  The fact that I could keep 2 tons of waste from going into our local landfill by using cloth on just one child was amazing! I also found disposable diapers contain a variety of chemicals to maximize absorbency which would be next to my baby’s skin 24 hours a day, yuck!  For the safety of my child, our environment and my bank account I made the decision to use cloth and it has been so easy!

I soon found myself talking about cloth diapers at parties with people who didn’t even have children so when I found DiaperParties.com I was thrilled!  I now have a way to help other parents with their decision to cloth diaper and it has been amazing!

Katherine Loichinger
Lowcountry Diaper Parties
Spreading the love of cloth to the Lowcountry!

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