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Diaper Parties Rep, Sara:

saraMy daughter’s name is Juliana born December 23, 2009 at Elkhorn Aurora Hospital (a certified “baby-friendly” hospital) 100% naturally with
assistance from my AMAZING midwife Dr. Kate Harrod. Once I became pregnant I knew that I wanted to do things as naturally as possible so
I looked into loads of different birthingĀ  techniques and decided on Hypnobabies. Then I decided why stop there and why not try to use the most natural products I can for my baby once she’s here? A close friend of mine raved about her cloth diapers (and how addicting they can be!) so I thought I’d give it a try. We started out with prefolds with Snappis and Thristies covers while my daughter was a newborn (and yes, my husband was a pro after a couple tries) and we switched to BumGenius OS, FuzziBunz Perfect Size Small and a few other randomĀ  diapers to try out. It was so much easier than I originally thought it was and everyone I know is always asking about my diapers. They’re just so cute, save so much money and are great for the enviroment!

I read about Diaper Parties in the Parenting magazine on one of my pumping breaks at work and I immediately knew that I wanted to become a rep to spread the word about cloth diapers. I currently have my first diaper party lined up in two weeks and I cannot wait! I’m also lining up some great info nights and possibly even a feature on the news. Once everything is all set in stone I’ll let everyone know where to tune-in!

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