Give Birth in your own Bed.

I am a homebirth advocate.  Women experiencing childbirth need to feel safe, wherever that is.  Women should have the right to choose where they feel most at ease.  The western medicalized birth mentality has drummed up powerful fears in childbearing women.   The majority of women have lost trust in their ability to give birth unmedicated.  Something we were built to do.

Advertising and the media play a huge role in our loss in faith.  It is a proven fact that if you tell someone over and over again that they are unable to achieve something, than regardless if that person can do whatever that task is, the doubts they have will overcome their ability to perform.

Such as childbirth.  Most american media imagery surrounding childbirth perpetuate a myth that childbirth is painful and a woman needs to be rescued by a doctor.  Unless our daughters are protected from having the image of  a woman strapped in stirrups laying on her back in some sterile hospital room, the cycle will continue.


Here is a lovely video of a woman having a homebirth.  This is a television commercial from Barcelona.  This is what real childbirth looks like.  This is the way we were meant to bring our babies into the world.  If you have a daughter, please show this to her.  The more we spread word to our daughters that they can give birth naturally, the more we empower them.  Women do not need to be rescued from having natural childbirth.



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