Amazing New AIO Diaper: The Lil Joey

I have always cloth diapered for philosophical reasons. Cloth diapering is better for the environment. Cloth diapering is fiscally responsible. Cloth diapering is healthier for my children. I’ve never fallen victim to the “cuteness factor.” Then, the other day, I was perusing the Everything Birth website, and I stumbled across a new cloth diaper that created a pang in my ovaries. The Lil Joey is the cutest diaper I have ever seen.

I’ve never had a problem with leaks from my Fuzzi Bunz. The gussets have always performed adequately, despite my children’s differing leg sizes and shapes. Yet, I stared longingly at The Lil Joey and wished that they didn’t. I’ve heard a few stories here and there of infants having blow outs from even he amazing Fuzzi Bunz. The Lil Joey has made a huge leap in progress in the modern cloth diaper’s structure. If you look at the photo, you will notice inside gussets just like the disposables have. Though, unlike the disposables, these gussets are soundly structured. There is no way that a baby’s poop is going anywhere.

Then I got to thinking, if the poop was contained way within the diaper, you could wear the legs even looser than you normally would. This would make for extreme comfort for any infant. I think that The Lil Joey will certainly prove to be the Cadillac of all cloth diapers.

Then, I read on. The Lil Joey manufacturers thought of absolutely everything. Kanga Care, the makers of The Lil Joey use a solvent free, biodegradable TPU instead of PUL. TPU is a polyester fabric that has been laminated with a thermoplastic polyurethane using a heat bonding process. This process is very low in toxicity and the diaper will biodegrade when composted before your infant even starts preschool.

The Lil Joey is the first diaper to ever tug on my ovary strings. Luckily for my husband, they’ve already been cut and cauterized though or else a shipment of The Lil Joey would be arriving in the mail from Everything Birth before the second line on a pee stick even had a chance to develop.



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