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I was reading a book about the best deals on baby wares while I was expecting my son J that I discovered modern cloth diapering for the first time. At that time (he’s almost 6), modern innovations included a slightly fitted, quite bulky diaper that required a separate cover. There was a new “one-size” diaper stirring a lot of excitement, but I read that it had fit issues. I was intrigued by the prospect of saving serious money and I investigated a couple of manufacturers recommended by the book I was reading. In the end, I totally chickened out of cloth diapering my son, deciding I’d have enough dirty laundry to do without adding cloth diapers on top of it. I always regretted it.

Fast forward a few years to being pregnant with my daughter, the Diva (so-named for a reason.) My past regrets convinced me that I had to try cloth diapering with my second child. I am so glad that I did! Not only did I enjoy cloth diapering my daughter, knowing I was saving money over disposables and keeping disposables out of the landfill, but the extra laundry was really no big deal. I did an extra load every one to two days. It barely registered on my work-o-meter.

I collected various dipes during my daughter’s first 3 months, and I accumulated quite a stash. I wanted to try everything, if that were possible (which it is, but not feasible nor recommended.)

I tried Indian prefolds with Bummis Super Whisper Wraps, Dream-Eze All-in-Ones (AIOs), Sposo-easy AIOs, Thirsties Fab Fit with matching covers, Mommy’s touch One-Size (OS), bumGenius! Organic OS AIO snap, Swaddlebees fitteds with Bummis Super Brite covers, Knickernappies pockets, GoodMama’s fitteds, Crickett’s Hemp fitteds with Bummis Super Snap covers, Stacinator wool covers, Aristocrat wool covers, and I even made a pair of hot pink Cashmere wool longies from a thrift-store sweater.

My point is that I’ve tried a LOT of diapers. I know what I prefer, and I know what works for my baby. I found I don’t care for pockets, but lots of people love them. I also prefer natural fabrics like cotton and hemp, while others swear by fuzzy fleece! There is literally something for everyone.

In the end, I fell in love with the bumGenius! Organic AIO OS. My husband preferred them too, since AIOs have no separate cover to deal with. I also like fitteds with covers, several brands.

There are pros and cons to every diaper out there. It can be terribly confusing. That’s why diaper parties are great! You can see and hold all the dipes before you buy. I can answer your questions, recommend a system that fits your budget and lifestyle, and even help you set up a registry before your little one arrives.

It’s only been two years since my daughter was born, and already there are many more cloth diaper brands and brands, including hybrids, than when I bought her bumGenius AIOs. I think it’s time to go shopping…you know, gotta check out the latest merchandise! ;)~

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