Tips for Leak-Proof Nights in Cloth Diapers!

The results are in….The Real Diaper Association, a cloth diaper education and advocacy group based in San Diego, California has compiled the best tips for overnight cloth diapering, sent in by cloth-diapering moms and dads.  What were some of the parents’ suggestions?  Use diaper covers that are snug-fitting around the legs and select styles made from hemp and bamboo, which are both highly absorbent materials.


  1. Sierra-Mama

    I’ve cloth diapered for almost 4 years, but except for a few not so successful attempts at overnight cloth diapering, have used disposables overnight. My oldest daughter toilet trained by 2 1/2 during the day, but she still doesn’t stay dry overnight at almost 4 yrs old…. perhaps because of the disposable habit. One of the numerous times I swore off buying more diapers for her and put her in a cloth pull-up overnight, she got a huge rash on her butt, so I succumbed again. I started the same routine with my younger daughter, now 16 months, but would like to switch to cloth for overnight too. What recommendations do you have other than those best tips? What brands do you use? Starting as a diaper parties consultant gives me even more incentive to get off the chemicals for my girls permanently.

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