Sleep Loss.

Most babies=Sleep loss.  There is no way around it.  And, the number one question you will be asked during the first six months is “Has he/she slept through the night yet?”.  Which after getting 3 continuous hours of sleep for a week straight, you may not be the right person to ask that question.  I am here to put a new spin on sleep deprivation.  Embrace it!

There are many reasons why babies can’t sleep for long stretches.  Their stomachs are small, they may have a strong moro reflex, they pee and poop constantly, and they may be overstimulated.  Just to name a few.  As a new parent you may or may not know what is keeping your baby up. If you are one of the many parents that are at their wit’s end trying to sleep more than four hours in a row, do not give in to the dark side.  What I mean is, you can get downright negative when you are lacking the proper amount of sleep.  Which for me pre babies was 8 hours.   After three kids, and years of disrupted sleep, I can easily get away with four hours, especially if I can squeeze in a nap the next day while my son is taking his nap.  Don’t ask me to do brain surgery the next day, but I can at least do most  of the important tasks that need tending to.

During the first three years with my twins, I did not sleep more than 4 hours at a time. They just could not make it any longer.  If one started to sleep longer, the other one would wake  up her sister for no reason at all.    So if you have troubled sleepers, I can relate.  And my advice is to sleep when your baby sleeps.  Even if it is only for fifteen minuets.  And don’t let what everyone says get to you.  Keep it positive.  You will get the sleep you need.  Some day.

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  1. it is amazing how many people look down on you for sleeping during the day! i hav efour kids and untill my 3rd i had worked graveyards and stayed up all day with my kids getting 2-4 hours of sleep every day and then sleeping away a whole day on my day off (if i got one). and still to this day my 4 yr old still wont sleep threw the night. and whenever someone gives me the snide crap about sleeping during the day, i just grin a bear it and enjoy the thought of how much they will understand when they have kids of there own!

    • everythingbirth

      My son is almost four, and I still lay down with him for a rest everyday. I used to sleep much longer, but now my body only reqires about 20 min. I think it makes me a better parent.

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