My Wagon Ride

I have put myself on the proverbial “wagon”. Thus no more buying diapers for this mama! I do have quite a few diapers OTW, and my hubby is aware of this so he won’t KILL me when those packages arrive. And I do mean package(S). However, since my wagon ride is beginning, I thought I would take this time to describe to you my cloth diapering experiences. Not just how I got started or why~ but funny stories, favorite diapers, photos, reviews, favorite products and accessories, and methods to my diapering madness.

To kick off my wagon ride, I will tell you my wash routine. As every CDing mama has her own method, this one works for me and it works well!

I wash every other day, I have enough diapers to go more than that but,

1. I don’t like the diapers to sit longer than that
2. I love the process of washing/drying/folding/putting away, its kinda like fluffy mail for me!
3. It keeps me on a schedule, and I’m the kinda gal that thrives on schedules.

So, I keep my diapers in a hanging wetbag. The bags have two hanging tabs with snaps and a zipper on top. The bag hangs on the wall next to my changing table on two cute little hooks. I remove inserts after each diaper change, I figure I am going to wash my hands after I change the baby anyways so whats the difference. If its a poopy diaper, I change baby and then take poopy diaper to the bathroom where I have a DIY diaper sprayer and another hanging wetbag. I spray the diaper, remove inserts, and place in wetbag.

On wash day, I carry my cute wetbags, one from the bedroom and one from the bathroom, downstairs to the laundry room and dump everything into the washer including the wetbag.

I do a cold prewash.

Once the prewash is complete, well usually about an hour later cause I get busy with two little boys running around, I toss two scoops of Rockin’ Green in the washer. Then I run a HOT wash with a double rinse, I usually use the Bulky/Bedding setting on my washer because it gives me the most water and the most agitation.

Wash Diapers: CHECK

Once the wash/double rinse is complete, I remove the diapers and put in the dryer with 8 wool dryer balls. There is usually another hour in between wash and dry, because I probably got distracted again 🙂

I set the dryer on medium heat for 90 minutes. By this point, it’s close to 11 o’clock at night and I’m tired, so I fall asleep listening to the gentle hum of my dryer balls gently bouncing there way through my dryer.

Dry Diapers: CHECK

The next night I sit down in front of the TV and stuff, fold and snap all my freshly washed goodies! Then I put them away in lo’s room.

Put Diapers Away: CHECK

So, that was my first installment of cloth diapering, my way. I’d love to hear your wash routine! I will share my stripping routine, maybe I should reword that….hmmmm.

Anyways, I will share the way I strip diapers when they are need of some extra TLC, not often but sometimes, they just need a freshening…

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