My #fluffybutt addiction

Hello my name is Gwen, and I’m a fluff-a-holic. I can’t help it, they are just so freakin cute. The Internet is all abuzz about new print diapers that are coming out in anticipation of the big kids and baby expo happening in Vegas (which I might have to put in my plans for next year!). I keep thinking, ohh…I need that one.

People always ask me how many diapers they need. When I first started looking at cloth, I’ll admit the upfront cost was a little intimidating. I mean, a box of diapers costs what, $25? I have never actually bought one so I am guessing here… And the average pocket or AIO diaper (your “modern” options) cost around 18, so if you look short term, cloth diapers seem expensive–especially if you are concurrently buying a crib (which I have STILL not used), car seats, stroller (which I curse at), high chair, and $1000 worth of stuff that BabiesRUs says you have to have.

But the reality is you only need about 12-20 diapers (well under $500, even with expensive taste). I don’t know for sure what 2-3 years of sposies cost, but you can bet your fluffy bottom it’s way more that $500.

“So Gwen, why do you have 75 diapers? Why do you keep buying more?”

1- I’m lazy. Yes they get a little stinky, but I can go all week without doing laundry.

2- I have many stashes of diapers. Upstairs, downstairs, bedroom, bathroom, car, daycare, loaners… in short see #1

3- because they are so cute! I have many customs (including a US Soccer Diaper made just for the World Cup), and I just can’t resist a new print. I’m afraid my first official diaper rep order might be some of those snazzy new robot diapers from Rumparooz. As long as X man wears them publicly, I can call it marketing…right?…

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