Patricia-Los Angeles, CA

Hi, my name is Patricia and I was born and raised in sunny LA. I am now happy to share the city with my husband Fritz and two beautiful children, Francesca and Frederick. My twins, born last November, have brought a whole new perspective to my life. They have caused me to consider the products I’m using and their impact on our family’s health and environment.

I remember scratching my head thinking one of my friends was crazy when she told me she was going to use cloth for her soon-to-be baby. This was, of course, before I became a mother myself. I had all of the typical preconceived notions about cloth diapering that many people do. I thought it would be dirty, inconvenient, and expensive. I had that old-fashioned image of rubber pants and sharp diaper pins in my head.

Fast forward a year later, my ever-increasing belly served as a reminder that I was now carrying twins. As if a switch turned on in my head, I suddenly became aware of and concerned with my environment and health. I  began to research ways to keep my babies healthy and happy and found cloth. My earlier beliefs about cloth diapers gave way to new found knowledge and understanding about them. After realizing that cloth diapers would be so much better for my babies, it was a bonus to learn that they would also be easy to use. Our babies came home from the hospital and put on their first cloth diapers. They have been wearing them ever since. I like to call them their number one fashion accessory.

I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for cloth diapers and natural baby products through Diaper Parties. I have had such success with twins in cloth and know that you can too.

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