The Cloth Diaper Mini-Shower

The Cloth Diaper Mini-Shower

If you haven’t seen the cloth diaper Mini-Shower yet, I urge you to check it out. This little contraption is well worth the investment. With this poopage weapon even the traditional style of cloth diaper washing becomes easy.

“I don’t think I will be able to install the cloth diaper Mini-Shower”

That’s non-sense. The simple instructions that come with the cloth diaper Mini-Shower allow even the most exhausted, brain-fried, new mother to be a virtual handyman. You usually don’t even need tools to hook up the cloth diaper Mini-Shower, though if you want to get the tool box out and lay the tools strewn about the bathroom to make your friends and family think you were hard at work, that’s your prerogative.

“That’s quite an investment just for spraying poopage

Here’s how I look at the $44.95 that will make washing diapers insanely less gross. For the price of about four packs of disposable diapers, you can purchase the cloth diaper Mini-Shower. You’re already saving your family thousands of dollars by using cloth diapers. The cloth diaper Mini-Shower is a highly useful tool for this very responsible diapering choice.  We would never ask our husbands to build shelves with a hand held screw driver and saw. They get power tools. The cloth diaper Mini Shower is our power tool. The cloth diaper Mini-Shower allows you to skip the rinse cycle, which saves water, energy and money.  The cloth diaper Mini-Shower will also save you time, which frees you to cut coupons (save money) or make home-made snack packs rather than buy them from the grocery store (save money.) Or you could just take a nap.

“I’ll only use the cloth diaper Mini-Shower for a couple of years”

More non-sense.  Even if you only have one more child to diaper, the cloth diaper Mini-Shower will be a valuable accessory for years to come. It’s designed for cloth diaper laundering, but it also has many alternative functions. For starters, it helps to rinse the sides of the toilet bowl from the nasty things our men-folk do to that thing. It also gently cleans the tush regions of your family in situations like:

  • Hemorrhoids
  • Menstruation
  • After birth healing
  • While learning to potty train
  • Tender skin caused by yeast or other infections
  • Diarrhea
  • Elderly incontinence


Just buy the cloth diaper Mini-Shower already

I make sense, and you know I do.  I frankly don’t understand why our toilets don’t come pre-equipped with Mini-Showers all the time.  There are too many reasons why the cloth diaper Mini-Shower is a wise purchase.  Let’s face it: the arguments against getting the cloth diaper Mini-Shower just don’t hold water.

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