Welcome Back Line Drying!

My family just moved into an amazing new duplex back in my childhood neighborhood. It comes complete with a pond, a creek, a swing set, two acres of mowed lawn and three acres of woods through which a hiking friendly trail meanders around an old pine forest. I frankly can hardly even believe my luck, nor do I fully understand how this happened. I am, however, counting my blessings.

One of the blessings that comes with this little slice of natural heaven is that I am finally in a position to start line drying my diapers outside again!

Generally landlords refuse this request because clotheslines are considered an “eye sore.”  Thankfully, my landlords are very passionate about environmental issues (another factor that makes me feel like this whole situation was devised by angels) and they see the same thing we do when we look at a clothesline.

Eye sore?  Not hardly.

Clotheslines are beautiful. They are like the American flag, in that their beauty is built into the fabric of its meaning.  And what more beautiful thing to have waving in the wind from a clothesline than cloth diapers?

Clotheslines offer benefits such as:

  • Natural Stain Control
  • Germ Killing
  • Energy Savings
  • Waste Reduction
  • Naturally Fresh Smelling Clothing

I’d like everyone to reconsider viewing clotheslines as eyesores, and instead, start seeing them for what they represent: An ecologically, financially, and naturally healthy family.


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