Homeopathy and Dosage

Homeopathic Doses are often so vague. Sometimes, they will post a dosage schedule on the bottle, and it follows normal “medical style” dosing. The bottles will have a dose that says usually something like, “Take 3-5 pellets under the tongue four times a day.”  This is Americans trying to shove homeopathy into modern medicine’s mold. This is actually less effective than how those of us that live by homeopathy dose.

Let me explain.

The more FREQUENTLY you can expose your body to the remedy the faster it will work. So, taking 5 pellets four times a day does not work better than taking one pellet (or one wet dose even) 20 times a day.

Here’s why.

Chemically, you’re pretty much looking at a sugar pill.

So, by trying to dose chemically, five times zero is still zero.  Chemically, you can take a whole bottle and your body just sees a sugar pill. Remember though, homeopathy doesn’t function at a chemical level. It functions at and energetic level, recognizing the crystalline structure of the water that has been suspended in the lactose or alcohol.

Let’s take a runny nose and eyes from pollen allergies.  Modern medicine works chemically.  You take an antihistamine like Benadryl that blocks the allergic reaction from taking place. In homeopathy, you would take, for example, the chemical in an onion that makes your eyes water and nose run when you’re cutting them, and expose water to that chemical. The water takes on a different crystalline form with the “energetic  fingerprint” of an onion, but chemically, remains water. Your body then tries to fight off the runny nose and eyes from the onion (and does so quite successfully, since no actual onion is there to fight) and inadvertently also fights off your allergies.

Make sense?

So…. You put a homeopathic pellet into your mouth, (or five pellets or five hundred pellets into your mouth) your body ONLY sees the introduction of that remedy into its system and it tries to fight it. There is no “quantity” of that chemical, so it really makes no difference if it’s 1 pellet, five pellets, or 500 pellets at one time.

It is better to expose your body to the remedy repeatedly until healing is observed. That way, your body repeatedly tries to fight off the imaginary onion and can successfully fight off the allergic response to pollen.

On the new forum for Everything Birth and Diaper Parties I explained it to the members like this:

It’s not like our medicine of today. If you are going to understand homeopathy, you have to really just disregard everything you have been taught about medicine and realize homeopathy is absolutely foreign.

If modern medicine was the English written word, herbal remedies would be the French written word, but homeopathy would be Japanese Kanji.  Does that make sense… it’s TOTALLY different. It functions on a different level, in a different way and has different principle entirely.”


  1. Bree

    I have a really hard time not following “medical style” dosing. It’s all I know and it kind of freaks me out to not have a strict schedule to follow. I have tried a few homeopathic medicines that you’ve recommended and I’m definitely going to try them first from now on and I will keep this article in mind when I do the dosing!
    Thanks again for more great advice Dawn!

  2. The hardest part is to stop when you see improvement. I mean, it doesn’t hurt anything if you don’t stop, but it’s just weird, most of the medicines these days you have to take until the whole bottle is gone or risk public stoning.

    I’m mean, I’m all for public stoning of people who irresponsibly use anti-virals and anti-biotics, but it’s still weird to stop homeopathics when you START to see improvement. Your gut tells you, “Yay, it’s working, I love this stuff, I want to give more!”

    *** I’m not actually for stoning of any kind, just for the permenant record. Hahahaha.

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