Jessica – Rhode Island

I am a mother of two sons, the lights of my life, both of whom are cloth-diapered. I converted to cloth diapering when my first son was 2 years old and I gave birth to my second son. I wanted to do something that was kinder to the environment and my budget, in addition to feeling great on my sons’ tiny tushes.

I have not looked back, and I am very excited to share the joys of cloth diapering with parents in my area.

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  1. Hi Jessica!! I was just reading your profile on this website and then found this post. I am interested in possible having you post a party and hopefully get me started on becoming a consultant seeing how there is no one in MA and I would love to be a first 😀 I am a SAHM to an almost 4 month old son. I have become very interested in the cloth experience since pregnancy and have found myself to be more and more passionate about it as my son grows.

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