Online Friends & Why We Need Them


As moms, we need online friends for so many reasons.  Once upon a time, life was simpler and we had a community of women within the confines of our town that we could talk to. We’d snap beans together. We’d quilt together. We’d work together sharing our side dishes. And while, I highly urge you to find women of like minds in your community and try doing these things with them, it’s not always possible.

Our lives are faster and busier than once upon a time. Our problems remain though and not even the kindest husband can offer us what a community of women can.  Husbands can listen, though they often don’t hear between the lines like our women friends do. Husbands can offer advice, though often we’re not actually looking for advice. Women are different. We’re designed (or we’ve evolved) to be. That won’t change, not even with all of the modern conveniences our new world has to offer.

We will always need other women.

These days, we can find our community of women online. Because women are so diverse and different now, it really helps to find a group of women online with similar beliefs and interests. I met a group of women online back in 2000 and together we watched the world change and we watched each other grow because of it. These days, we consider each other family. Many women on the forum have met, and we are planning a get together for 2012, that most of us will attend. It’s not weird to our spouses, because they know the women on our forum by name. Often they know their children’s names.

There have been a few events in my life that I would have been left immobilized if I did not have this group of women to turn to. They have brought me so much joy and comfort over the years. I in turn, have offered them my support as well.

For those of you reading this blog, I’d like to introduce a new forum. It is offered by Everything Birth for free to all of its customers past, present and future. With just over forty members and only a few weeks old, this forum is still in its infancy and in my experience, there isn’t a better time to join a community of women. If you’re inclined, head on over to the forum and introduce yourself. We’d be glad to have you. Then maybe, if we’re lucky, ten years down the road, we’ll be sitting on a porch together, snapping beans for our huge get together dinner.

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