The Real Difference Between Cloth And Disposable Diapers

I was so completely disappointed to watch The Early Show segment comparing cloth and disposable diapers:

Really?  You have no statistics, no proof, and no real discussion about the ramifications of the build up in our landfills. You actually stated the landfill waste from disposable diapers as “it’s not the worst type waste in landfills”?  Really?  And smoking in a room full of children isn’t the worst type of second hand smoke that they might have to be subjected to either- but I am not ADVOCATING that you actually do it because “it’s not as bad….”

And the primary reason for promoting “Huggies”, so blantantly in your face,  vs. cloth was ease of use.  Obviously NO research was done, because cloth has a come a LONG way!  Check out our tutorial section on how easy they really are to use.  Just as simple as your “1, 2, 3” that you posted about disposables.  And that extra load of laundry(which is actually washing itself, you just put in the soap and push a button) can be done as quickly as it takes you to bag up and walk out the extra bag of trash for the garbage truck to pick up.

Give us a call, CBS when you are ready to get some facts for your story about cloth diapers- and let us show you how it’s done!

-Crystal, cloth diapering mom of 3 children,business owner, wife, and homemaker(oh, and laundry manager) 😉


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