Host a “Baby Shower” with Diaper Parties by Everything Birth

One of Diaper Parties’ senior representatives, Andrea, recently held a “Baby Shower” Diaper Party. This is a unique type of diaper party where guests are invited to a baby shower and instead of registering for this particular baby shower, guest attend a diaper party. Here, they learn all about the new products that the mom-in-waiting wants that are offered by Diaper Parties by Everything Birth.  It works great because often women are unfamiliar with the benefits of the products offered by Diaper Parties by Everything Birth. Because of this unfamiliarity, they don’t get as excited about giving these products as gifts.

A “Baby Shower” Diaper Parties party allows these women to feel the softness with their own hands.  I remember when I used to own a brick and mortar store and women were registered there, relatives would feel bad purchasing “one diaper” as a gift for a baby shower. Once they understood that that one diaper was equivalent to the mom-in-waiting to several PACKS of disposables, they felt a lot more comfortable with it. Once they felt the softness and learn of the functionality of the diaper(s) they were purchasing, they got excited. A “Baby Shower” style diaper party is the perfect way to do this!

Andrea said:

Mom and grandma were the ones who asked the most questions.

  • “Why would you use a diaper and cover instead of a pocket diaper?”
  • “How does this cover not get dirty?”
  • “How many prefolds is Patty going to need to start out with?”
  • “How do you use a Snappi and what is it used for?”

They were full of questions, but it was a great thing because they more than likely were asking the same questions the mutual friend had too. There were good conversations about the “proper” way to wash the diapers, the difference between the diapers now and what they were like when grandma diapered her kids, and about the products on the registry.

To hold a “Baby Shower” diaper party contact a representative of Diaper Parties by Everything Birth for your region.


  1. the one question i;ve had people ask me everytime is “do i have to touch the poo?” lol this just seems to be the deal breaker with most people. i usualy say “if you dont wear it trying to wipe it off a wiggly bumm, nope you dont have to touch the poo”.

  2. Ah, you know what I tell parents?

    I’m very sorry, but the moment you give birth absolutely ensures that you WILL in fact touch poop.

    The bonus of cloth diapers over disposables is that with cloth, you only have to deal with it in the diaper. Disposables, if anyone’s ever used them are basically synonymous with “up the back blowouts.” Therefore, if you disposable diaper, you will have to deal with poop on the baby’s back, on their onsie, on the sheets, and anywhere they manage to wrangle before you notice the blow out.

    Cloth diapers are build different, especially the AIOs and the pockets, they trap all the poop by having very nice gussets that sit high on the back. No blowouts with cloth.

    And that’s what I tell them, because THAT is the truth. 🙂

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