Why I love prefolds…aka keeping the poop in

Every time I have a disposable diaper on my daughter, it turned into a scene from a nightmare film.  She is breastfed.  For those of you that do not know about the wonderfulness that is breastfed baby poop, let me fill you in.  Breastfed baby poop is a high velocity event.  It is liquid and mustard in color.  The fact that it is liquid and the fact that my daughter fights her self and strains like she is constipated makes it come out forcefully.  There has been no disposable diaper that can hold in this magic stuff.  We always have blowouts, either up the back our out of the sides.  When I discovered prefolds, I was in heaven.  There are no blowouts with my prefolds.  There are two folds that I use constantly.  The Angel Wing fold and the Jelly Roll fold.  I like both of these and have taken pictures of each in action.  Poop in prefold=good.  Poop on sheets, clothing, other people=bad.  I have taken pictures demonstrating these folds…I used a baby alive doll because she was a much more willing participant and didn’t scream or frown at me when I took my time!

Here is the Angel Wing Fold

Here is the Jelly Roll Fold

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