Gold Rush: Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size On Sale!

Diapers go on sale all the time. Every great once in awhile, you will see a sale like this.  In case anyone is new to the cloth diapering world, I need to stress the significance of being able to get any kind of Fuzzi Bunz for $14.95. (And for those of you who are seasoned in cloth diapering, you read that right: Many colors of the Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size are on sale for $14.95 through the end of November!!!)

There are countless reasons why this sale is so incredible to me, but I will touch on a few.

  • You would easily be able to wait a few months and then  turn around and sell these online to makea nice profit. Most times when I would sell USED Fuzzi Bunz, I would be able to sell them for more than what I paid for them. The reason? Women online get competitive at auctions. Often, they compete with the same women over and over for different items.  Regularly, once they start in an auction, they will proceed to pay more than the diapers retail value, simply to win the auction against the woman who beat her in an earlier auction. Not. Even. Kidding.
  • Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size Diapers are just about the most resilient of all the diapers out there from my personal experience. They are my personal favorite. They stand the test of time. They are worth their weight in gold.
  • Sales on Fuzzi Bunz like this are few and far between. You will find sales on them sure, but not sales this good.

Now, for those of you concerned about buying sized diapers and not getting your money’s worth, let me tell you something. My thirty pound daughter can still fit into smalls. It’s not the perfect fit, as Fuzzi Bunz are made to be able to stuff and stuff and stuff to your heart’s desire.  So, I can only fit two inserts in her smalls. Even still though, she’s almost potty training.

So, if you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck, choose your size wisely. A newborn will fit into a small, and will probably remain fitting into a small in all actuality and contrary to popular belief, for the entire diapering time.  The Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size overlap quite a bit in sizing so that you can get, well… a perfect fit every time.  If you’re willing to just be functional though and not necessarily perfect, you can really make each size last.  If your baby is a little older, get mediums, and feel confident that under most circumstances, you will not need to ever purchase larges. Larges are great for heavy wetters, because you can shove a ton of inserts into an older child’s diaper, but they generally aren’t crucial.

I encourage anyone interested in more learning tricks on how to extend the life of your Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size diapers (so you can make the most of this sale) to join me at the new forum brought to you for free by Everything Birth. There, I can explain in more detail how:

  • Snapping a Fuzzi Bunz snaps in a particular order will lengthen the amount of time you will be able to get a good fit without leaks or red marks
  • Laying the front of the diaper in a particular way will allow even a small baby to get a nice snug (but not tight) gusset lay

Want to learn more about choosing the right colors if you have resale in mind? Read this previous blog where I explained which Fuzzi Bunz colors the auction lovers will most likely be pining for most.

See you there and happy sale-ing!


  1. Jessica M

    I LOVE my Fuzzibunz Perfect Fits– so much so that I de-stashed a lot of my other diapers to buy more medium Fuzzibunz for my 5 month old son. In my opinion, Fuzzibunz really do fit him “perfectly.” I never have leaks and the microfleece is so soft and contains breastfed baby poop EXTREMELY well. I can’t tell you how many times my Fuzzibunz have saved me from an “up the backer”!

  2. Jenifer Dunkle

    As many of you know by now I am obsessed with my FB, and I love the perfect fit. With a household who diapers kids from teeny up to 32 pounds I love the perfect fit. Which by the way the 32 pounder I have can comfortably wear a medium, he is in a large though cause he is a super pooper and a super wetter and we can shove more inserts in them. But I’ve put him in a medium without a problem a few times and actually the medium has more of a trimmer fit. The only thing I notice is the difference in the rise, but I’d love to see a post on the forum about the snapping techniques. Anways my point is that for my household that diapers more than one, sometimes 5, the perfect fit is a must have. A one size has it’s cost benefits if you will only have one baby who is about 10 pounds at birth and doesn’t plan to go up to high in weight, because they can be too small for or outgrow a one size. But anyways, everytime your childs size changes you have to go through 14 diapers and rebutton 3 elastic with the Fb one size or adjust the rise on other one size’s and if you have 2 in diapers IMO sized would be simpler even if they are both in the small just because there is no readjusting. I have 4 kids all in the sdame size, all snapped differently, not readjusting, 4 snaps, that’s all. They work well, they last a long time and they keep messes away. Only messes I’ve ever had is when either me or the LO unsnapped a snap and wel… but that’s only happened a few times and I go through about 20 diapers a day for the last 2 years and never a poopy blow out. And I tried prefolds and covers, fitteds and covers, I tried an AIO, I need my snaps and I need my FB perfect fit. They are simple to use and simple to explain and simple at every diaper change. Thanks Dawn for telling others all the amazing things you’ve already told me about the perfect fit.

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