I’m Glad Hyland’s is Smart

So, the FDA didn’t like that the amounts of belladonna in Hyland’s Teething Tablets were inconsistent (they said.) Though, we all know what they didn’t like was that Hyland’s was impeding the sales of Big Pharma’s sales of the traditional (dangerous and toxic) go-to’s for teething like Baby Motrin, Baby Tylenol and Orajel.

Did I say dangerous and toxic? Yes. I did. Because they are. Not because I’m a crazed hippie. I don’t even like hippies, but to each their own. I said it because, it’s well documented that Tylenol and Motrin damage the livers and stomachs (respectively) of our babies.  So, the FDA is just fine with us giving our babies Orajel, (I outline the toxic ingredients in a previous blog.)but it pretended to be looking out for our babies safety by getting all up on Hyland’s back for the miniscule amounts of Belladonna in their Teething Tablets. The amounts so miniscule that you would scientifically have to ingest a child’s entire “teething years” supply of Teething Tablets before the FIRST side effect of a belladonna poisoning (dry mouth) occurred. And that’s the truth. Perhaps some women (probably wives of Big Pharma’s  buddies) claimed their babies had signs of Belladonna poisoning, but unless their children were left to raid Walgreen’s entire stock of Teething Tablets and ingest them, that just didn’t happen. (Let me tell you, if those infants were left alone in Walgreens long enough to eat that many Teething Tablets, I say someone needs to be charged with neglect.)

So, enough of that. We all know the truth. Those of us in love with Hyland’s just used their voluntary recall as an opportunity to score discounted bottles of the tablets anyway. (Yay for cheap Teething Tablets!)

In February, they will be putting the new improved tablets on the shelves. Hyland’s knows homeopathy. Apparently the FDA doesn’t though.  So, they put even less Belladonna in their Teething Tablets. Now, I highly doubt even the most advanced machines would be able to detect any Belladonna in the tablets. But that’s OK, because since homeopathy works energetically our bodies WILL be able to detect it. At the new potency, our bodies will be able to detect it even better. So those coveted Teething Tablets will be even better. Soon, Hyland’s Teething Tablets will work even better at fixing all of our aches and pains, even the huge ones like our older children’s sports injuries and our husband’s back problems.

Hyland’s and our families win. Bad guys loose.

Yay! Hyland’s is smart.


  1. Jenifer Dunkle

    I just am thankful we only have to wait until February. I always hated theat my son’s doctors would recommend giving him tylenol an hour before vax’s and keep him drugged for 2 days, all of which I never did. I’d let him get the 2 vax’s at a time and just breastfeed him after, amazingly that’s all it took to calm him and put him at ease, no need for drugs…

  2. As an expectant mom, I’d love to see you do a post on the directly-injectable toxins in vaccines… and one on the toxicity of the vitamin-K shot they give immediately after birth, and one on the silly silly eye gel they give to newborns to prevent STDs when the mothers don’t have any (they even give them to c-section babies).

    Any hope for that in the future?

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