Natural Remedy for Colds

Yesterday, all day, I was feeling  so run down. You know the feeling. I know you do. It’s the feeling you feel when you say, “I’m so achy, I think I’m coming down with something.”  Then the next day, you wake up miserable with a cold or the flu.

For most people, this feeling brings acceptance that they are about to be sick. It used to for me as well, until I started learning about homeopathy .  While all the rest of the world tries to find a cure for the common cold, people who rely on homeopathy, just find a natural remedy for it. Why bother finding a cure when our bodies, with a little homeopathic sugar pill, can fight it off. Once I started using the contents of the Kid’s Kit which I purchased just to try out, (never believing in a million years it would actually work) I never “accepted” sickness as inevitable again.

If you take one tablet of Aconitum Napellus from the Kid’s Kit, during the hours when you feel “like you’re coming down with something,” you can fight the cold before it takes over your body. That’s what I did. I took one tablet under my tongue and let it dissolve. Then I went to bed.  I know the bottle says 3-5 tablets, but you don’t need to do that because more isn’t really any better with homeopathy. Dosages on the bottle are just on there because as American’s we try to make homeopathy seem more like regular medicine.

Let’s say, I did what most people do, and I took a NyQuil. I would sleep well, but all my mucus membranes would dry out. A dry mucus membrane is the PERFECT breeding ground for the cold virus. NyQuil is like putting a bandage on a wound… except the analogy would be more appropriate if the bandage contained a bunch of bacteria. Because cold medicines, while you feel better for awhile, actually make your sickness worse. Our body’s natural reaction to a virus is to get WET. We get a runny nose because our body is trying to make the itself safer. It’s trying to take the germs and flush them out. When our passage ways are dry, we think we feel better, but we just extend out the length of time we will actually be sick. Which, I guess is just fine for cold medicine manufacturers, because we end up using more of their product. It’s not fine for me though. I don’t feel like paying a gabillion dollars for medicine and I don’t feel like being sick longer.

That’s why I took a natural remedy for the cold.

I woke up, energized and healthy. Any traces of coming down with anything were gone. My body no longer ached. My lungs no longer hurt. I could breathe through my nose. My headache was gone. All thanks to one little sugar pill that contained such a small amount of Aconitum Napellus it wouldn’t even be measurable. It would be LESS than “trace.”

The morals of the story are this:

  • Get your family the Kid’s Kit to have on hand before you will need it.
  • Throw away your cold medicines.
  • Start letting your body (and your child’s body) heal itself using homeopathy.



  1. Jenifer Dunkle

    This couldn’t have come on a better day. I feel like that today, but lost the book that goes with my Hyland’s chest. I love that you make it simpler than me trying to figure it out on my own. Then I know I can turn to Everythig Birth for this great information. What do you recommend for fevers? cause I know we will get those or at what temp should I even worry and is there a great remedy for seasonal – never-ending allergies or arthritis?

  2. Fevers are important to healing, but Ferrum Phos. (also in the kids kit) is great at making the fever burn through and out quickly. You can take both. It’ll be nice and relaxing. Like being under the covers by a fire with a cup of broth.

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