Diaper Parties @ The Holiday Trio Vendor & Craft Fair

This past Sunday I had my very first vendor fair at the Round Lake Beach Cultural & Civic Center from 2-6pm coordinated by Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Multi-Vendor Fairs and I have to say it was quite a success!

I setup my booth with a Christmas motif to fit the theme of the fair.  Along my cloth diaper clothes line I had ornaments tucked in, snowflakes attached to my sign and scattered about the floor with Christmas tunes jingling in the background.  My dolls were sporting some prefolds with Thirsties covers and some of my favorite BabyLegs which were a hit!  So many stopped by just to ask what the cute leggings were.  Checkout pictures of my booth in detail here and here.

The first couple that stopped at my booth had a daughter with a one-month-old child and talked to me about their cloth diapering adventure with pins and plastic pants.  When I showed them how easy on and easy off our bumGenius Deluxe XS AIO’s are they were simply amazed!  I love seeing how genuinely excited and taken people get with how simple cloth diapers really can be.  They requested all the pricing and my ideas for a system to get their daughter started – how exciting 🙂

Another visit to my booth was by one of the other vendors just across the way from me.  She wasn’t pregnant, wasn’t expecting to become pregnant soon but she talked with me for a good half hour to forty five minutes about dozens of different diapers because she wants to have kids one day.  I love talking to people who are simply interested to learn more just because.  I felt like I was talking her ear off but this started to perk the interest of a couple of the other vendors in the room and I could sense that minds were starting to change.

Overall I had some great chats with some local moms, mama-to-be’s, vendors and grandparents which made this day a total success.  I find such joy in enlightening people and seeing them realize that disposables are not the one and only.  Diaper Parties is here to be your teacher, your friend and your cloth diaper provider.  We’re hoping to change the world, one cloth diaper at a time.

And remember, when you buy disposables you’re buying garbage!

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