Cloth Diapering and the Window Shopaholic

I have a “shopping problem.”  It’s not a traditional over-spending problem; it’s more of a window shopping thing.  It started when I was a child and I often adopted a catalog as my favorite book.  I often had a toy catalog stashed under my pillow.  As the internet and I grew, I spent hours online making wish lists in my head.  My first big internet obsession was wedding planning which inevitably led to baby planning, but not until after my second daughter was born did I start the research and window shopping for cloth diapers.

We made the switch to cloth diapers to save “Cookie’s” bottom from the terrible rashes she was having in disposables.  We were also thrilled that we were able to reduce our contribution to landfills and save so much money.  But the greatest joy for me came in the endless window shopping opportunities.

Cloth diapers are the perfect food for a window shopping addict.  They are cute and fun to look at.  Most of the brands have fun colors and adorable prints.  They come in so many choices of absorbent fabrics as well.  You can quench your thirst for knowledge by researching the benefits of bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and microfiber.  The most exciting part for me, however, is the constant innovation and new products.  Every season brings a host of new colors and prints, improvements and entirely new diapering systems.

Cloth diapering is great for “crunchy” mamas.  It is really great for thrifty mamas and mamas with super sensitive babes.  But it is also FANTASTIC for mamas who love to shop!

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