Helping Premature Babies Thrive

When babies are born premature, they have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Everything Birth can help with these obstacles. There are a few very crucial items that Everything Birth carries that are a must for premature babies.

Baby Wearing for Premature Babies

The first and most important thing you can do is wear your baby in a carrier.  I go into all the physiological reasons for wearing babies in a previous blog.  Slings can constrict the airways of a baby that is premature, so wearing them Kangaroo-style works best. You keep them in an upright snuggled position right up against your body. Skin-to-skin. Tummy-to tummy. The product carried by Everything Birth that I suggest for this is the Maya Tie-On.  You would use this in the front carrying position. You would wear your baby as frequently as possible, and you would start in the NICU.

Cloth Diapering for Premature Babies

Secondly, premature babies need to experience as much loving comfort and as little chemicals as possible. For this, you need to use cloth diapers. Thankfully, Happy Heinys has developed the Micro Mini All-In-One Diaper. These are sized to fit any premature baby. In addition, they are designed to be exactly the same weight at all times. Often, NICU nurses will not permit cloth diapers because they need to be able to measure input-verses-output. That means they carefully weigh what the baby eats as well as what the baby expels. A matter of a half an ounce can make a difference. Committed to the well being of babies, Happy Heinys has ensures that these diapers will perform perfectly in these procedures. The nurse simply weighs the diaper, just as she would a disposable and calculates output from there.  The diapers are made to be an all-in-one so that nurses can also not object to the difficulty of applying the diaper. There is nothing new for them to learn, the diapers apply EXACTLY as a disposable diaper would.

Organic Items for Premature Babies

Organic clothing is imperative for premature babies as well. It may not be a huge consideration for you if your baby is born healthy, but we are talking about a critical time in a baby’s life. This time is supposed to be spent in the womb, but since it cannot be, it’s crucial that every attempt to keep pesticides, flame retardants and other chemicals away from premature babies is made.  Everything Birth offers organic clothing and blankets.

Also, while new toys and stuffed animals are common gifts from relatives. This is an important time to keep these things away from the premature baby’s bed. Often at a NICU, you will see a teddy bear sitting in the corner of the bed. I hate to see this because the teddy bear bought at the gift store or toy store, is most certainly from a plant in china and is full of chemicals. Your baby does not benefit from the “new adorable teddy bear” airing out its toxins into its bed.   It would be best for relatives to save their money or spend it on bringing you a healthy meal to keep your strength, but if they must, Everything Birth also offers adorable organic toys that can keep watch over your new premature baby.


  1. leanne

    great info and resources 🙂 also great, because when you unexpectedly have your baby early and she or he is in the NICU, you don’t have time or energy to direct to “researching” this stuff on your own

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