Buy 5 Get 1 Free: bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Pockets & Sized All-In-Ones

So, here’s another amazing sale going on right now at Everything Birth.

Right now, the bumGenius 4.0 one size pocket diapers and the sized all-in-one diapers are on sale. Buy five of these diapers, and Everything Birth will give you one free.

Remember, we’re not talking about disposable diapers here.  I hope everyone realizes what an amazing sale this is. Just in case you don’t though, let me break it down for you.

In general, if you wash your cloth diapers once a day, you will want to have 12 diapers on hand. Most of us consider 12 diapers “a set.”  This allows you to have enough diapers for one entire day and a few more in case you forget to toss them in the wash before bed.

So, let’s say you decide to get 10 one size bumGenius 4.0s during this sale. You will get 2 diapers for free.  You may think, that’s great, that’s almost a forty dollar value. I want to take this moment though to remind you just how remarkable this saving is over the general population of diaperers. Let’s face it, for now, most people use disposable diapers. Presuming the average child is in diapers for about two and a half years minimally, we’re looking at about 900 days that a baby is in diapers.   So, then, with this bumGenius 4.0 sale, you’re getting the equivalent of 1800 disposable diapers for free!

I know, I know… you were going to use cloth diapers anyway. I just like to show people the real value of things like this amazing sale on bumGenius 4.0s.

Though I will admit, I also break things down like this so that you have some interesting trivia to show your husband. Most men like trivia. Most men like facts and figures. If your husband is like most of our husbands, if you explain how soft the bumGenius 4.0s are or how much “nicer this will be for Mother Earth,” he’s not going to be that moved. Now, if you explain to him that you just stumbled on a sale where you’d be getting the equivalent of 1800 disposable diapers for free, he may actually stop and listen to you.

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