Oh, How I Loved Cloth Nursing Pads

I didn’t need nursing pads for too long, because I trained my boobs not to leak after a little while.  If you’re nursing (and frankly, even if you’re not) you will need to invest in some nursing pads.  Boobs leak.  It’s just a fact of life. Once you’ve had a baby, your boobs will leak. You will not be immune to this.  If you’ve delivered a baby, your boobs will leak.

You will have basically three choices in nursing pads.

  • You can choose standard disposable pads, but if you do, you won’t be comfortable and you will have chemicals right next to your baby’s food supply.
  • You can choose organic disposable pads, but those will cost you a bunch of money and still be fairly uncomfortable.
  • You can choose washable, cloth pads, and you will save a bunch of money, keep the food supply safe, and be very comfortable.

Generally, people want to shy away from cloth pads because they think they will feel wet against their skin,  and the disposables claim to make you feel dry.  That’s true of the very old models of nursing pads, but these days, we’ve got it down to a science.  Take the Kissaluv’s Milk Pads for example.  What will be next to your skin is an insanely comfortable velour layer that wicks wetness into a hemp layer.

The fantastic thing about hemp is that it’s naturally antibacterial and antifungal. It’s also highly absorbent and will leave you with no leaks at all.

When you’re all done with these nursing pads, you can either sell them online, or you can keep them.

Keep them?!?!

Well, yes. See, another fact of life is that once you’re all done nursing, your boobs will deflate.  While you search for an entirely new set of bras, you can fold these little suckers in half and shove them into the side of your bra to create the perfect little “push me up” at no extra cost!

Don’t worry, by the time this happens, there will be way more “girl accessories” (that your new position as mother has introduced into your marriage) than your husband will be able to process mentally. If he happens to notice one of these fall out of your bra when you take it off, he won’t question you. He’ll assume it’s some magical part of your new mother persona, and never give it a second thought.


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  1. Lyn

    I used those fancy expensive disposable ones in the purple box, I am sure you are familiar with. They make me itch just thinking about it. So after a ridiculous amount of uncomfortableness, lol, I noticed they had flipping lanolin in them! Which I am allergic too. Wool. Errr. I will sooo remember this next time!

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