Become a Diaper Parties Representative

This is a great time to become a Diaper Parties by Everything Birth representative.  As of this blog being written, Diaper Parties has 34 representatives scattered across the country.  That leaves plenty of area uncovered.

Let’s discuss competition:

  • Brick and Mortar Stores.  Let’s face facts, there are very few Brick and Mortar stores out there right now offering these products.  Someday, perhaps they will be more common. For now though, representatives are building the fabric of what will be someday be a new norm in America. Diaper Parties reps are the grass roots that will change Americans’ diapering habits.
  • Online Stores.  Online stores are the main place where cloth diapers are purchased. This doesn’t really cut into the market of a representative though.  A representative’s market is women who don’t even realize how much cloth diapering has changed. They wouldn’t go looking online anyway. If they happen across online stores, they never make the leap because cloth diapers are a big investment for something you’ve never gotten to hold or touch.
  • Disposable Diapers. This is a representative’s real competition. This is the only real challenge. Thankfully, the products offered by Diaper Parties by Everything Birth are the most popular, sturdy and adorable of the products on the market.  They make disposables look, well… like garbage. The only thing a representative has to do is show the facts of modern cloth diapering and the rest falls into place.

Since the market isn’t saturated with representatives yet, most new reps will have their entire state to themselves!  Let’s face it, that’s way more area than any representative could ever possibly handle. That’s why now is the perfect time to join the ranks of the Diaper Parties sales force.

Diaper Parties offers their representatives a complete support system. No one is ever off on their lonesome to figure it out.  These are 34 of the nicest women I’ve ever talked to.  One thing that really stood out while getting to know Diaper Parties by Everything Birth’s representatives is they don’t fit the “mold” that you would think of.  These women are normal women. They aren’t “Cloth Nazis” and they aren’t “Super Moms.” They are normal, intelligent, kind women with open minds, trying to make a difference in their region and making some extra money doing it!

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