Pregnant with Herpes?


We don’t talk about this stuff do we?

The thing is though, 1 in 3 of you have herpes, and 1 in 4 of you know it. It’s not like you’re some freak if you’ve found yourself pregnant with herpes. I guess this blog is aimed at a quarter of you pregnant moms out there who happen to know that you’ve got herpes.

If you’ve found yourself pregnant with herpes, the doctor’s solution is to give you an anti-viral medication that is labeled as “probably safe while pregnant.”

Hmmmmm…. How do you feel about taking a medicine that is “probably safe” while pregnant in order to avoid the very slim chance that something will happen to your baby during labor?

I know that moms worry though. You can’t just do NOTHING if you’ve found yourself pregnant with herpes.

So here’s what you CAN do if you are pregnant with herpes.

  • You can take the supplement Lysine everyday during the last trimester of your pregnancy. You can get it from Everything Birth’s Amazon Store. It makes it almost impossible for an outbreak to occur. Our bodies need lysine, and when we don’t have as much as we need because we aren’t eating right, we can take it in a supplement. By the way, it is completely safe to take while pregnant.
  • You can ingest a spoonful of Virgin Coconut Oil every day which you can also conveniently purchase from Everything Birth’s Amazon Store. You can put it on popcorn, sautee vegetables in it, toss noodles with it, or cook your eggs in it instead of butter or oil. VCO contains caprylic acid and lauric acid, both of which are just about the most powerful anti-virals you can get your hand on, and they are natural and completely safe to ingest while pregnant.

While, I am not a doctor (Though I do make it a point to thoroughly do my research before I blog about anything) and this is not meant to replace medical advisement (though in my opinion it offers you viable solutions to your problem) and you should discuss your options with your doctor (and yada, yada,) and these opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Everything Birth, (though they also might, it’s a mystery)  I encourage you to explore your options and make a safe decision if you’ve found yourself pregnant with herpes.


  1. Jaime

    Hey Dawn,

    I have herpes and just had my daughter in August. I didn’t know about the coconut oil but took garlic and Lyseine every day. While all the other women I knew ith herpes had several outbreaks during their pregnancies, I didn’t have one outbreak. Thanks for sharing this. There isn’t enough info out there for moms with herpes that are pregnant and even though it is so common, it seems very taboo to talk about. Thanks for posting this!

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