A Natural Remedy for Migraines and Headaches?

A Natural Remedy for Migraines and Headaches

What do a teething baby and a parent with a migraine or headache have in common? A few things actually.

  • Both have intense pain
  • Both are stressed because of their pain
  • Both find achieving sleep difficult because of their pain
  • Both have additional pain caused by swelling

Oh and one more thing…

Both can find significant (if not total) relief by using homeopathic teething tablets.

Certainly, you’re not going to cure migraines homeopathically with remedies that relieve symptoms; however, there are other remedies that can be used to actually cure migraines on a permanent or semi-permanent level.  Hyland’s makes a few other remedies that can do this depending on what the symptoms of the headaches are. For example, I personally, find a great deal of relief by using Hyland’s PMS, but my headaches are usually caused by hormonal distress. Even men have fluctuating hormones, and I’ve seen many successful examples of Hyland’s PMS relieving migraines in men.

Without a doubt though, homeopathic teething tablets like Hyland’s, Boiron and Humphrey’s are one of the first things I grab from my medical chest for a natural remedy for a number of ailments including headaches and migraines.

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