Hard Water Hardships


I’m so happy to be livin’ back in the country. I love the taste of real water. I’m not drinkin’ chlorine or fluoride anymore. Real water on my face, devoid of the chemical smell is so relaxing. I love well water.

Unfortunately, my laundry hates it.

My once bright white wife-beater tank tops have a true wife-beater orange tinge to them. I guess that’s OK, if I’m pretending to be hardcore, but there’s nothing OK about my adorable Fuzzi Bunz stained by iron from my well water.

Rockin’ Green Hard Rock laundry detergent can fix the hard water stains though. It’s time to make the switch for the sake of my cloth diapers. My friends all use the Rockin’ Green on their cloth diapers and the specific formulas for everyone’s unique water types are acclaimed for their almost heroic ability to keep cloth diapers lookin’ adorable. I trust my friends. We tell each other the truth of the matter whether it comes to our cloth diapering challenges, our parental failures, or our product recommendations.

I have been asked consistently if I’ve tried the Rockin’ Green detergent yet for hard water issues.  Thinking, I’m being asked for my opinion, I apologetically tell them “No, not yet.” Turns out, they want to rave about the Rockin’ Green laundry detergent for their cloth diapers.

This will be one of the first times I’ll be tryin’ a new product with any expectations. I know my friends are straightforward with their opinions. I know this product is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to try the Rockin’ Green Hard Rock on my diapers (and wife beaters.) I’ll report back more, when I have first-hand experience.  I’m so excited!

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