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Diaper Parties by Everything Birth parties are very similar to traditional Tupperware parties, except that instead of eventually adding plastics to our landfills, they eliminate one of the largest contributors of the landfill problem: Disposable Diapers.

Cloth Diaper parties are an ingenious way for women to learn about all of the modern and traditional styles of cloth diapers that are now available.  So often, women interested in cloth diapers rely on reviews of cloth diapers online. The only problem with the reviews is that they are often very biased.

I remember first learning how things worked online almost a decade ago on a community forum.  I saw a woman who was trying to market a cloth diapering system ask all of her online friends to give her a great review, even though they had never used them. This was before social media marketing was a normal thing. Remembering this moment of realization, now, in my job as a blogger, I have promised myself that I will never rant and rave about a natural living product unless I have personally used it. What has happened is there will be thirty wonderful reviews about a cloth diapering system that is worthless. Women will think it’s fantastic, buy it, see that it’s awful and then give up on cloth diapering all together.  It is really difficult to get the real skinny on fluff these days.

So you just have to feel them for yourself. Learn about them for yourself. The absolute easiest and most entertaining way to do this is by holding a Diaper Parties diaper party.

One of Diaper Parties by Everything Birth’s senior representatives, Jessica Morrison, recently held a diaper party and was kind enough to give me some feedback. It was a huge success. The diaper party host, Tana Zoller said to Jessica, “Thank YOU for a great party! I want to do another after the holidays…a BIG one!” Because of her party, two more moms were ushered into the world of cloth diapering, only, contrary to how I entered it a decade ago, blind and fumbling, these women have had the opportunity to learn all about the different systems. They were only offered superior products that have manufacturers with outstanding customer support and great warranties. They were able to find diapers that were the perfect fit for them.

Diaper Parties by Everything Birth saved these women:

  • Endless hours online researching futilely different diaper systems
  • Extra money that would have been spent buying a bit of everything (including inferior brands)
  • Return Shipping expenses on the diapers that would have turned out to not be what they were hoping for.

By holding a diaper party by a competent Diaper Parties Representative, you are able to enter the world of cloth diapering fully informed and supported.

Join me at Diaper Parties and Everything Birth’s Online Forum to discuss this further or to talk about all aspect of your natural womanhood.

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