Last Month's Fuzzi Bunz Sale

Hopefully, you got a chance to take advantage of the huge sale on Fuzzi Bunz last month. They were priced at only $10.99 for the Perfect Sized Fuzzi Bunz.  A Fuzzi Bunz sale price like that is almost unheard of. Many people were surely grabbing some of them up just to resell them on eBay at a later date and turn a six-seven dollar profit for each diaper. With that sale price on Fuzzi Bunz though, they flew off the shelves. It was a crazy sale!

I have often heard people talk about sales prices as indicative of just how huge of a mark-up the end seller actually makes when the products are not on sale. I have been a vendor for Fuzzi Bunz before. Fuzzi Bunz sales are exciting when they happen. They bring a huge buzz to your business and offer a great opportunity for marketing, but the sale price is not by any means indicative that the vendor is ripping you off the whole rest of the year. When Fuzzi Bunz would go on sale, when I was a vendor, I did not translate that to dollar signs right away though.  When a huge Fuzzi Bunz sale was going on, I did not “bank” by any means. However, it was still worth it, and I gladly participated. The Fuzzi Bunz manufacturer Mother of Eden tries to be very fair with their vendors during their blow-out sales. The real incentive though is that Fuzzi Bunz sales get people talking (talking like crazy) about these adorably sturdy cloth diapers.

A Fuzzi Bunz sale rapidly turns product, TRUE.

More importantly to the world of cloth diapering though:  A Fuzzi Bunz sale throws us all in a whirlwind Fuzzi Bunz frenzy… and as a die-hard Fuzzi Bunz fan, there’s really no where in the diapering world I’d rather be.

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