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Sure, Diaper Parties by Everything Birth has a lot of consultants.  Just take a look at the consultant locator.  That’s a huge sales force for Everything Birth. If you look again from the perspective of “competition” if you’re interested in being a consultant yourself, we hardly have any consultants yet.

You have a nearly endless supply of possible clients as a Diaper Parties Representative at this point in the game. Everything Birth backs up Diaper Parties with a rock solid foundation and support system.

Everything Birth also has a sister company that is owned by the same woman, Crystal White. The sister company is called Midwife Supplies. It’s been six years since Crystal started on this venture and the company continues to grow despite economic hardship around the country.

The reason I’m telling you this is to point out that this isn’t a “fly by the seat of your pants” venture. This is a huge community of women that have been united together by Crystal White with diligent and firm construction. What Crystal offers the “party scene” is a solid foundation. Where many companies use party style marketing to start up their business, Everything Birth is using Diaper Parties to expand the awareness of the products that she believes in.

Crystal has a strong support team of talented people. The senior reps that are already in place have done all the dirty work for new consultants. They forged the way and have figured out firm strategies that seem to work. Incidentally, what works often ends up being less “salesmanship” and more “chit chatting.”

These products have been hand-picked because of their quality and they will sell themselves. The job of a Diaper Parties Rep is to be informed of the products: How to use them and how to clean them.  The job of a Diaper Parties Consultant is to talk to her friends, women she meets, and her neighbors as the subject arises, much as any devoted cloth diapering mother would anyway.

The point is: Not being a salesperson by nature does not mean that you won’t be able to sell the products.  Diaper Parties Representatives are consultants, not salespeople.  Believe me, it’s not semantics or tricky marketing talk by which I write this. It’s what I’ve seen as I’ve gotten to know the Senior Representatives of Diaper Parties by Everything Birth. These women are wonderful people. They view themselves as educators rather than salespeople.

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