The Biggest Organic Fiber Concern

The Biggest Organic Fiber Concern

We know that organic clothing is important for little ones. It helps keep their skin less irritated. We strive for all organic sheets in their beds and cribs. We love purchasing organic diapers for their little tushes.

A huge key element continuously gets overlooked though. Unfortunately, it’s probably the most crucial element to rearing a baby in a less toxic environment:

Their bedding.

I’m not just talking about their sheets and blankets. It’s crucial that their actual beds be free of toxic chemicals.  These days, normal children’s bedding is required to be flame retardant. So they spray a flame retardant into the fabric of mattresses, pads, and pillows. Then our children breathe this in for the majority of their day.  Also, most of today’s mattresses have a super comfortable foam on top of it. It IS very comfortable, however, it’s made entirely of chemicals. If you’ve ever bought a new bed, you can smell these chemicals as they release their nasty gas for the first few weeks of being opened. And our babies breathe this in for the majority of their day.

Then, if we choose not to co-sleep, we put a bumper all around the bed. This does a couple of things. It keeps our babies from shoving their leg out of the crib’s railing AND it traps the gasses even more in a little pool of icky air and we then proceed to lay our babies down to sleep in this pool of chemically made gas.

If you head on over to our Amazon store, you will find plenty of safer options. Don’t worry about not having flame retardant in the bedding, wool is naturally flame retardant.


  1. everythingbirth

    Wow. Jen, eveytime I think of you in your daycare with the millions of cloth diapers that you wash for all of them, and all the carseats in your van, you make me know I can handle more than I realize.

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