Bed Wetter Pants

Bed Wetter Pants

I just stumbled upon this product: Mother Ease Bedwetter Pants. One of the big challenges with some cognitive or physical disabilities is nighttime wetting.

Some cloth diapers like FuzziBunz actually fit much larger sizes than they claim to, but for children with developmental or physical disabilities, at some point, they will not fit. Mother Ease is a wonderful manufacturer, so I know that you can order these cloth incontinence pants with confidence. They absorb twenty one ounces of fluid!

A huge bonus with the Mother Ease Bedwetter Pants is that they are called pants. Not diapers. Some of the brightest children, skilled at reading, sometimes need some extra nighttime protection, so Mother Ease Bedwetter Pants also help children retain their pride. After all, it’s not their fault.

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