Everything Birth on Facebook

Everything Birth on Facebook

You’ve seen the little Facebook icon on the Everything Birth website, but it’s more than just a fancy way for us to keep in touch. Perhaps, you simply use FaceBook for keeping in touch with your old high school friends and your family members that live far away.

Well, while you’re logged on looking at beautiful pictures of your new niece or planning a play date to meet your old best friend’s new baby, take just a minute to “like” our Facebook Page.  That’s really all you have to do, then watch as your newsfeed informs you of our latest contests, where we have a blast giving away free stuff and spreading the word about cloth diapers.

You will also quickly and easily learn about what our weekly specials are. We’re almost always running some kind of great deal. We do two regular sales:

  • Monday Morning Coupon- Valid through midnight on Tuesdays!
  • Wednesday Wash- An amazing sale that lasts until Friday or until we sell out of the item!

There are lots of fun discussions that also go on our Facebook page, and we’d love for you to join us. Everyone interested in cloth diapering is welcome to join us. Don’t feel like you have to be a loyal customer to join in on our fun.

The more the merrier. See you on Facebook!

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