Diapers Leaking Along the Stitching?

Diapers Leaking Along the Stitching?

Pocket diapers leaking along the stitching is a fairly common problem. I get asked about this all the time. I am happy to be able to inform you that this is a very easy fix.

When cloth diapers leak, there are a few causes.

  • You’ve dried the cloth diaper covers one too many times on heat and the PUL is now bad. This just sucks for you, because that means you’ve ruined your diapers. So, buy some more and follow the instructions this time. It will still be cheaper to buy a whole new set of diapers than to switch to disposables. If this were the case though, they’d leak everywhere, not just along the stitching.
  • Your cloth diapers are repelling because you use too much detergent, fabric softener or butt cream. This really isn’t a big deal you can find a million posts online about how to strip your diapers. Again though, this will not cause them to leak at the stitching.
  • You bought cheap cloth diapers. Yup, not all brands are created equal. Next time buy some diapers from Everything Birth, because they only sell diapers that they themselves would use. Again, it will still be cheaper to invest in some good cloth diapers than buy disposables.
  • Your baby holds in urine and then pees all at one time. There it is! The answer to why your diapers are leaking at the stitching! This is the easiest fix of them all!  All you have to do is double or triple stuff them! That’s why pocket diapers are so fabulous. You can add as many inserts as you want. Now, often, pocket diapers come with pre-fold diapers. So you may be asking yourself how in the world you would double or triple stuff them.  All you need to do is switch from pre-folds to micro cloth inserts. These hold way more wetness than they would appear to, so they work great and keep things trim.

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